Our over-arching goal is to expose the principles that dictate the complex regulome, particularly biological processes mediated or driven by non-coding RNAs, by combining computational approaches, cutting-edge high-throughput assays and interdisciplinary methodologies.

Here are some themes and techniques that we currently work on:

RBP-lncRNA Interactome Study the evolution of functional modules of lncRNAs and RNA binding proteins. Elucidate the underlying mechanisms that determine the interaction between lncRNAs and RBPs. Investigate the impact of dysregulated regulome on pathogenesis and identify potential targets for therapeutic purposes.

Single-cell Multi-omics Apply single-cell transcriptomic and epigenetic profiles to understand the roles of different cells. Reveal underlying molecular mechanisms that confer functional characteristics.

Genome Evolution. One of my research interests to demonstrate the evolutionary history of species, e.g. sex chromosomes.

and more.